July 4th, 2016



Wedding Day

Our ceremony will take place at 6pm at Fairview Park along the Lake Union waterfront in Seattle, WA. There is a staircase that will take you from Eastlake Avenue (which passes in front of the Lake Union Cafe and parking lot) down to the park. Look for signs to guide you!
The reception will take place at the Lake Union Cafe, just up the hill from Fairview Park. Follow the signs back up the stairs and enjoy cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing! We also have a special fireworks show planned just for you!
If you are coming in from out of town, please see the map below and the list of suggested accommodations. There are many options for lodging in Seattle, of course, so we have picked the closest 4 for you to peruse here. If you have any questions or want additional suggestions, feel free to call or email us.

Getting Around

    Rent A Car, Cab, Or Bus
Renting a car will be the easiest way for you to get around the city, but public transportation, cabs, and ubers are also pretty easy to use!
All guests have the use of a parking lot at the Lake Union Cafe, which will hold 57 cars. Please let us know if you are planning on driving and need a spot, so we can have an idea of how many cars to expect. If you do drive, and decide to park in the lot, you can leave your car until 11am the next day.
    Please Note...
Because it's the fourth of July, the city is going to be busier than normal. It will be VERY CROWDED on Eastlake after the wedding, as it's a prime viewing locale for fireworks. Our goal is to continue the party after the fireworks - mostly because it's going to be a blast - but also to help you avoid the crowds and the highest cab fares. Cabs become sparse, and Uber fares jump to 5-10 times normal prices on the 4th. Please remember that as you plan your trip.

Please do not drink and drive. If you need additional suggestions or help figuring out what might work best for you, call or email us.

If you are coming in to Seattle from out of town, please consider coming a bit early so you can spend the weekend in or around the city. Flights tend to be least expensive if you fly Saturdays/Tuesdays. We will be around the weekend before the wedding and wrapping things up on Tuesday before we head out on Tuesday night for our honeymoon. Andi & Greg's house is on the map above. If you are in town early and want to come see us in the days preceding the wedding, let us know!



For those of you who have never been, Seattle is pretty awesome. There's a lot to do... and see. Too much to list even a few of the best things, really. But we've tried. Here are a few of our favorites:

Tourist Stuff

Home to the famous fish toss, gum wall (which was disintegrated by the city last year, but may very well be on it's way back this summer), and the first ever Starbucks! It's a must see if you've never been, or even if you have. It's a city icon. $22 will get a standard adult to the top. You can also eat in the rotating restaurant, but it's pretty pricy, and there are better eats around the city. Seattle has it's own Ferris Wheel! It's actually pretty neat, we've done it once and it was totally worth it. It's down on the pier and has an awesome view of the sound. This is where the Puget Sound connects to Lake Union (which ultimately connects to Lake Washington through the Montlake Cut, which is where the UW crew races take place!). It's pretty neat - there's a canal and you can watch boats go in, the water will equalize, the boats go out... google it if you want to know more. There's also a fish ladder there, which is fun. Fremont is a cool neighborhood with a beautiful bascule bridge worth visiting, a troll under another bridge, and a very fun open-air Sunday market. We bought our dining table and chairs there from a master craftsman, and you can find anything from old doorknobs to boutique hula hoops and cool shirts for sale. The food is great and readily available. You can even visit Brouwer's nearby (see the BARS map below) when you're through.

Outdoorsy Stuff

Seattle's best actual sandy beach strip. There are some great shops and restaurants, and of course a sandy beach! The water is pretty frigid year round, so be careful if you decide to take a dip!
    Go Kayaking or SUP'ing
Kayak Alki - West Seattle - Saltwater, and friends of the couple!
Ballard Kayak - Saltwater, near the locks and some prime crabbin' grounds
Moss Bay - Freshwater, South Lake Union
Agua Verde - Freshwater, Portage Bay/Montlake Cut
    Lake Washington Beaches
There are a handful of beaches superb for swimming in the lake. If you are interested in this, reach out to us, and we can give our recommendations. The lake can warm up nicely in the summer, depending on the weather we've had early on, so if it's a warm weekend on the 4th, this would be a great activity! You can drive about 45min to some really great hiking just outside of the city.

Delicious Stuff

There are SO MANY GOOD RESTAURANTS in Seattle. Here are a few of our favorites (click on the icons for details):

breakfast lunch dinner bars


Stuff We Like

We've tried to make it simplest for you and for us, by picking and choosing exactly what we'd like from wherever we could find it for the best price and in the easiest way. Please try to avoid bringing a gift to reception - we have to clear everything out at the end of the night, so the less we have to move the better!

We've been together awhile now, as most of you know. So, there's a lot we've accumulated over these years! Below, you'll find the things we'd most like to add to our collection of stuff!

Click here to view our registry - it will pop up below.

If you can't find something you'd like to purchase on the list below, please consider one of the following options:

The American Heart Association in memory of Michael Daly
The Michael J. Fox Foundation in memory of Robert Nash